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  1. Elegy to the Willow

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    Gracious Weeping Willow

    The funny thing about homesickness is that it waxes and wanes like a harvest moon; one week looming large and hanging ominously above everything, a few weeks later a distant and barely perceptible sliver in the endless sky.

    They say homesickness has everything to do with attachment. For me it is attachment to a sense of place - a genius loci - which I only truly feel when I’m at home. And the thing which sparked it off most recently was the unexpected demise of a veteran willow tree in my garden back at home.

  2. Badgers in Winter

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    The Entrance to the Maternity Chamber

    In a brief visit home this winter the garden looked a little sad. Or perhaps it was simply reflecting my own feelings at having been apart from it for so long. It was showing so few of the marks I’d made in earnest in the seasons that went before. 

    But the badgers seemed happy! I counted more than ten sett entrances, including outliers, all of which showed recent signs of activity.